Vorador in Defiance

A mural showing Vorador's vampiric rebirth
A mural showing Vorador's vampiric rebirth

In Defiance, Raziel visited the Fire Forge in the Vampire Citadel. From the murals there, he learned that Vorador was the first human to receive the Ancient Vampires' curse: the Dark Gift. He was also the maker of the Reaver. Raziel knew that in this time - the Blood Omen era - Vorador still lived. He hoped to speak with the old vampire, and, with Vorador's knowledge, find some way to avoid being trapped in the sword.[1,2]

Raziel explored Vorador's Mansion after being directed there by Ariel. He found Vorador in a sealed crypt within the estate. Vorador was sitting on a stone throne of sorts, armed with a sword, but apparently just waiting for the end to come. He knew that he was the last surviving vampire, except for the fledgling Kain, and he didn't have much time left. Moebius' mob would soon find him.[3,4]

Vorador, seated in the crypt
Vorador, seated in the crypt

He recognized Raziel from their Soul Reaver 2 meeting, thirty years earlier. When Raziel asked why Vorador would create a weapon to imprison his saviour, Vorador said Raziel had chosen his path, presumably meaning Raziel had already made his choice as to whether or not he was the Vampire Hero after all. This indicated that Vorador suspected something about Raziel's dual destiny, his potential to be both champions. He did not know enough about the Reaver's sorcery to help Raziel, and even if he did, he would not be inclined to assist him. Vorador forged the Reaver sword solely because Janos asked him to, and he only learned scraps of prophecy from his sire. As Raziel continued to ask questions, Vorador suggested that he should ask Janos himself. He led Raziel into an antechamber where Janos' body was kept.[4]

Janos' body had been treated with reverence by Vorador. It seemed he had retrieved it personally from the ruins of Janos' Retreat, and it was laid upon a bier, surrounded by candles. The scene suggested that Vorador retained great respect and affection for his sire, despite their polar personalities that had likely made them prone to disagreements. Vorador admitted he had searched unsuccessfully for the Heart of Darkness many times, but perhaps Raziel could find it, if it was meant to be found. He gave Raziel the Library Seal, which would open the way to Avernus Cathedral where the Heart had been taken. Vorador vanished from the crypt with a warning about the dangers at the cathedral. When Raziel reached the library, the old vampire was there. He re-iterated that warning, and informed Raziel that Avernus was in flames: Raziel would have to act quickly.[4,5]

Raziel travelled to Avernus Cathedral and found the Heart of Darkness. By the time he returned, Vorador's estate had been breached by Moebius' vampire hunters. The Time Streamer told Raziel that Vorador had been captured, but "not without a considerable price in blood". Apparently Vorador had fought to the end, despite the rather apathetic reception he had given Raziel. Moebius vanished from the mansion to oversee his execution. It likely went ahead without interruption, exactly as it did in Blood Omen.[6]

Further Observations

According to the bonus material included with Defiance, Vorador's name was temporarily changed to 'Infernum' during the development of Blood Omen. It was changed back to Vorador before the game's release.[7]

Vorador's resurrection (between the events of Blood Omen and Blood Omen 2) was originally going to have some explanation in Defiance, but it was omitted from the released game.[8]

Denis Dyack (of Silicon Knights external link) once said that Vorador seemed one of the most popular characters in Blood Omen, based on emails they received. At that time there was a possibility that Silicon Knights would continue the series, and Denis stated it would be 'a safe bet' that Vorador would feature in any sequel (or prequel).[9]

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