Soul Reaver: Earned Abilities

By absorbing the souls of his undead brethren in Soul Reaver, Raziel could gain new abilities. These helped him to access previously unreachable areas in Nosgoth, including concealed Glyph Altars. The Soul Reaver and its optional Fire Reaver enhancement weren't abilities in quite the same sense, but the Soul Reaver opened doors and allowed Raziel to progress to new places.

Phase Through Gates
Phase Through Gates Gained From: Melchiah in the Necropolis
Elder God's Quote: "Consuming Melchiah's soul has endowed you with a new gift. Insubstantial barriers such as these [referring to bars that block Raziel's exit] are no impediment to you in the Spectral Realm. Will yourself to pass through, and you shall."
This ability allowed Raziel to pass through grates and gates while in the Spectral Realm. He could also phase through some doors, providing they were not entirely solid.

The Soul Reaver
The Soul Reaver Gained From: Kain in the Sanctuary of the Clans
Elder God's Quote: "By destroying the sword, you have liberated it from its corporeal prison, and restored it to its true form - a wraith blade, its energy unbound. No longer a physical blade, it can only manifest itself in the material realm when your strength is fully restored. Once manifest, it will sustain you."
The wraith form of the Soul Reaver sword was permanently attached to Raziel, although it would only appear in the Material Realm when his health coil was full. In the Material Realm, it prevented the gradual decay of his health coil over time. The Soul Reaver could be used to open some doors.

Scale Walls
Scale Walls Gained From: Zephon in the Silenced Cathedral
Elder God's Quote: "Consuming Zephon's apostate soul has bestowed on you a new gift. Like his vampire spawn, you're able to scale certain walls which are otherwise impassable, but only in the physical realm. In the spirit world, these insubstantial edifices will not support you."
The spider-like Zephonim had the ability to scale up vertical surfaces. From Zephon, Raziel gained a slightly weaker version of their skill. He could only climb certain types of wall. In the Spectral Realm, all walls were insubstantial and could not be scaled at all.

Telekinetic Force Projectile
Telekinetic Force Projectile Gained From: An artefact, after defeating the Tomb Guardian in the Tomb of the Sarafan
Elder God's Quote: "This relic has infused you with the power to compress and manipulate space. As your symbiotic weapon, the Soul Reaver is also thus enhanced. You may focus and project an orb of kinetic energy to strike objects that are otherwise beyond your reach."
This ability allowed Raziel to throw a blast of telekinetic energy. It could be used to break windows, move blocks or knock enemies into environmental hazards, like water. If Raziel was armed with the Soul Reaver, the blade inherited this ability, and damaging projectiles could be fired from it.

Swimming Gained From: Rahab in the Drowned Abbey
Elder God's Quote: "Infused with Rahab's soul, you have overcome your former vulnerability to water's touch. Immersion in water will no longer dissolve your physical body, enabling you to swim to areas heretofore beyond your reach."
Once Raziel gained this ability, his physical body no longer dissolved when submerged in water. Raziel could only swim in the Material Realm, as water had "neither heft nor lift" in the Spectral Realm.

The Fire Reaver
The Fire Reaver Gained From: The Fire Forge [SR1] in the Drowned Abbey
Elder God's Quote: "This elemental forge is tuned to the Soul Reaver's energy. Once baptized in this primordial flame, the blade may be imbued with fire at any future time."
When imbued with fire, the wraith-blade was more powerful; its projectiles could incinerate enemies, rather than merely stunning them. The elemental effect was only temporary though, and if Raziel entered water or the Spectral Realm, the elemental affinity would be lost. However, Raziel could re-imbue the blade by placing it in any fires (usually campfires) he found.

Constrict Gained From: Dumah in the Ruined City of the Dumahim
Elder God's Quote: "Consuming Dumah's soul empowers you to wind a constricting band of Spectral energy around your enemies. This energy manifests itself in both the Spectral and Material realms, and in the physical world, it can be employed to manipulate otherwise immovable objects."
This ability allowed Raziel to turn mechanisms like gears or sundials. If he ran around an object, a ribbon of energy appeared and trailed behind him. Once the ribbon formed a complete circle, the object turned. Also, Raziel could use Constrict to stun vampires and kill humans.

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