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1. The Abyss was the execution ground for which of the following?

2. What was the primary weakness of the Rahabim vampires?

3. Which Glyph could be found in the Human Citadel?

4. Which Glyph required the most Eldritch energy to cast it?

5. How many health-enhancing 'pie slices' could Raziel collect in total?

6. The Fire Reaver forge was located in which clan territory?

7. How many Warp Gates could Raziel find and activate?

8. Vampires of which clan populated the lighthouse area, where the Sunlight Glyph could be found?

9. How many names were inscribed inside the Tomb of the Sarafan?

10. Which two Lieutenants were killed by fire?

11. Which two Lieutenants threw Raziel into the Abyss on Kain's orders?

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