This is a copy of the Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain FAQ, produced by Silicon Knights, and previously hosted on their website ( As it is no longer available there, it has been archived here for the time being. Click here to return to Dark Chronicle.

Bat Flight Locations

From the bat flight map, there are two types of Bat Flight Locations a player can fly to. Major Locations which are accessed by pushing the controller up or down, and, Bat Flight Beacons which are accessed by pushing the controller left or right.


Major Locations

Major Locations are places such as Nupraptor's Skull Fortress, or Malek's Bastion, which are places you must visit when playing the game. Once visited, these locations can be returned to in bat form. The trigger which enables the bat flights to these locations are Vista points (those red triangles on the ground).

Here is the list of Major Locations which can be reached in bat form, and the locations of their triggers.

Bat Flight Beacons

The Bat Flight Beacons are the minor locations, which don't have flight cinematics associated with them. They can be found along your path, often situated near locations Kain would like to return to later, such as Spirit Forges.