Soul Reaver 2: Pillars' Platform Diagram

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The image caption (by Corpse 87)

This is a recreation of the chamber floor in the Subterranean Ruins (Elder God's lair). It appears to portray the 'binding' Janos mentioned, which is a lock-key operation between the Pillars and the Reaver (Pillars are the lock and the Reaver is the key). These depictions seem to include the combined power of six forges and eight Pillars to create the 'Spirit' element, which is directly connected to the Pillar of Balance.

Quoting Amy Hennig: "The Balance Guardian is different from the other Guardians - he/she is the hub, the still point around which all the other Pillars principles turn."

However, this is merely an attempt to gather all the available information rather than represent a single point of view.

Description of the image

This image is a top-down view of the circular platform that could be found underneath the Pillars in Soul Reaver 2. The nine Pillars are shown around in their correct positions around the platform, grouped in the top half of the diagram. The symbolic icons for each of the Pillars are spread around the circular platform's edge. Going clockwise:

Looking further into the middle of the platform, there are the symbols for the elemental Reaver forges. Going clockwise:

In the very centre of the platform, larger than all the other symbols, is the symbol for the Spirit element. Looking at the lines that connect all the platform's symbols together, it appears that the Spirit element is a product of all the others combined.

Finally, going back to the very edge of the circular platform, a series of seven small symbols is repeated seven times. Some of them can also be seen on the walls of the chamber and on the outside, above-ground Pillars' platform. These symbols have no established meaning, but Corpse 87 suggests that they may also represent the seven elemental Reaver forges.

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