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Kain Kain

When Raziel, first among Kain’s Lieutenants, revealed his latest evolution – a pair of batlike wings – Kain responded with an act of seemingly egotistical sadism. Tearing Raziel’s newly fledged wings from his back, he ordered Raziel to be cast into the Lake of the Dead, where he would burn forever in the Abyss.

But like Kain before him, Raziel was saved from the brink of oblivion by a mysterious benefactor – an ancient god dwelling in the depths of the Abyss, who transformed Raziel into a devourer of souls, and released him back into the world in order to take his vengeance.

Kain however, had other plans for Raziel. Seemingly unsurprised by Raziel’s miraculous return, Kain baited Raziel across Nosgoth’s ruined landscape, leading to their final confrontation in Moebius’ long-abandoned Chronoplast chamber.

Driven by the fatalistic visions revealed in Moebius’ chambers, Kain activated the time-streaming portal that would propel him and Raziel centuries into Nosgoth’s past. Free will, Kain argues, is an illusion; their fates are intertwined in ways that Raziel has not begun to fathom…