This is a copy of the Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain FAQ, produced by Silicon Knights, and previously hosted on their website ( As it is no longer available there, it has been archived here for the time being. Click here to return to Dark Chronicle.

Miscellaneous Questions & Answers


I'm Stuck, how do I get past...

A note on travelling:

Although at various times you will see a vista point with a bat flight indicator (giving you the ability to bat fly to that new location), it is often a good idea to walk there instead (the first time), because there will be powerups, Blood Fountains, and generally neat stuff (secrets!) along the way.

A note on vistas:

Make sure to view all vista points (the red triangles) as you travel through Nosgoth, because some enable bat flights to that location.

Where are the Spirit Forges and Blood Fountains?

Click to see the Spirit Forge, and Blood Fountain pages.

What do I do after going (back) to the Pillars?

If you've returned to the Pillars (often after completing a sub-quest) then you probably want to bat-fly back to where you just came from, to resume your exploring.

How do you get to the small wooded area on the map behind Nuprator's Retreat?

You cannot, it's not relevant to the game.

How do I get through the plague city?

Explore. Try every open door. In several buildings you will find the dungeons of Repel, Bone Armour, and Hate(secret), each dungeon exits into a new section of the city.

How do I get to Malek's?

Go North until you find a Bat Flight Vista and Bat Flight Beacon. (The vista lets you fly to Malek's, the Beacon lets you return later.) Now fly to Malek's using Bat Form.

I'm stuck in the cavern's of the Oracle.

These caves have been designed to give the illusion of going in circles, while guiding you along the correct path. Press all the switches you encounter (did you find them all?) and you should be able to find your way through.

Hint: Spike pits are intended to help guide you, using wolf form is not required.

How do I get through Vorador's Mansion?

Vorador's mansion contains switches that cannot be reached by Kain, but with the Control Mind spell Kain can control a few of the humans to accomplish the tasks for him.

How do I get to Dark Eden?

When you exit Vorador's go West and trigger the Bat Flight Beacon, then proceed East to Uschtenhiem and North into Dark Eden.

I'm finished Dark Eden, and I can't get to Avernus!

Bat-Fly back to Dark Eden, and continue from there through the caves, and head East and South.

There is a wicker gate in the sewers of Avernus, how does that open?

Gates and grills can sometimes be passed in mist form. Solid doors cannot.

How do I get into Willendorf?

On your way to Willendorf you will find (among other things) the Blood Fountains for both Strength(3rd) and the Beguile Form. Once you have Beguile, the doors to Willendorf will be open when you arrive.

How do I get past the gate, when searching for the Dollmaker?

You can't open the gate from your side, but one of the dolls probably could reach the switch on it's side. Try the Spirit Wrack spell.

A note about getting secrets, after the Dollmaker's.

When you return the soul of the Princess to King Ottmar in Willendorf, you are then locked into a course of action which brings you through the Last Battle, and back in time. If you intend to seach for secrets do so BEFORE returning to Willendorf, as you will be unable to return to this present, in its current form.

Technical (Game Play)

Mist, Wolf, and Disguise Forms spontaneously revert to Vampire form!

Yes, they all require magic to sustain. When his magic runs out, Kain reverts to his natural form.

Why does the wolf seem really strong some times, but not others?

The Wolf Form is exceptionally powerful during a full moon.

How do I push the heavy Boulders?

Some Blood Fountains will increase your strength. If you cannot move a boulder, try again later after you find a stength Blood Fountain.

I can't get to (or pickup) a spell/blood vial, are you teasing me?

All powerups can be reached by the player, one way or another. If you can't pick up a blood vial your blood level is probably at it's (current) maximum, similarly, you are limited to 99 of each object.

If you are quite sure you can't reach a powerup, come back later when you gain more items and abilities. (mace, mist form, etc.)

I haven't been finding many Bat Flight Beacons.

These are often located just off the beaten path. Exploring the paths that seem to move away from the main path often reveals Bat Beacons, Spirit Forges, etc.

I find this rune-writing in several places, but I don't know what it means!

Return to Kain's Mosoleum when you are stronger. Trigger the switches under the boulders, and enter the door that opens. In here you'll find a book containing the alphabet you seek.

Technical (Game Use)

How do I re-watch a cinematic?

The Dark Diary (on the Options Menu) lets you re-watch cinematics. Be sure to load your save game first.

Is there a code to access a sound test in the game?


What are the possible Prestige levels?

Keeping in mind it was late at night when we came up with these... Whelp, Gimp, Princess, Bride, Prince, Bloodhunter, Count, Baron, Overlord, Saint, and, Devourer of Worlds.

Needless to say, Devourer of Worlds requires 100% secrets, and a whole lot of kills.

Is there any special ending when you get all 100 secrets?

No, sorry. Just prestige.

How many secrets can there be found BEFORE the great battle with the army of the Nemesis? or is there a way to search for secrets AFTER you have been teleported 50 years back in time?

After you time travel, you cannot return to the (old) present, so any secrets not found at this point will remain unfound. Ted (an SK designer) says he thinks there are three secrets remaining, after time travelling (so 97 before). (If he's wrong, let us know.)

I went to a Spirit Forge, sacrificed blood, but nothing happened?

You now have more of the object that corresponds to the Spirit Forge you visited. (More Flays, Hearts-of-Darkness, etc.)

Strategy Hints

How do I beat Bane and DeJoule?

Bane can be bested with the Flame Sword (and Chaos Armour), DeJoule is weak, her shields can be penetrated with the Energy Bolt spell.

How do I beat Malek?

Malek is only affected by Kain's "triple-swing-combo", hitting him repeatedly with this combo will knock him down. Knock him down repeatedly and he'll get really mad. When he launches his big magical attack RUN - it's deadly. (Hint: The Repel Spell is quite useful against Malek's missiles.)

How do I beat William The Just?

He's tough. A very useful combination is the Energy Bank Objects, combined with the Soul Reaver. Watch out for that sword!

How do I exploit the Spirit Forges?

The Spirit Forges require blood. It doesn't matter whose.

I can bat fly now - is that the best course of action?

Not always. There are many places in the game where you get the ability to bat fly to a new location. If you fly immediately, you'll miss many of of the fun areas along the way. In some cases you'll miss important spells or items which you'll need later, and have to return to find them.


Why does Kain cry "Vae Victus" sometimes when I'm swinging his sword?

This is a triple-swing combo. He does the most damage when you hear this battle cry.

What does Vae Victus mean?

It means "Suffering to the Conquered".

I heard a rumour that Vae Victus is mis-pronounced?

Sadly, this is true. We appoligize, and promise to check our Latin pronounciation more thoroughly in the future.

I read in a magazine that there was a chess match in Vorador's, but I can't find it.

There originally was a chess match in Vorador's Mansion, but a serious bug was discovered just prior to shipping, and in order to not delay the release, it was removed at the last minute.

The chess match was a board with real people on it, which Vorador had set up to challange Kain. Kain had to figure out which piece to move using the Control Mind spell, and, if he made a mistake, the pieces would come to life and attack him. The correct move was a classic chess checkmate.

You said it would take 100 hours, but I finished it in XX?!

Although it is technically possible to finish the game by racing through, and avoiding conflict where ever possible, the world of Nosgoth was designed to be explored, and the game was designed to tell a story. To truly play the game, exploring the towns, the countryside, and the dungeons and caves, requires a lot of time. If you achieve a high percentage of secrets, then you have visited most of the "interesting" places in the game, many of which are not required to reach the end. Your final "prestige" indicates how well you've done (technically), as a combined measure of secrets and kills.

Is there a version of Legacy of Kain for the Sega Saturn?

No. Development of the Saturn version was started and terminated some time ago. The rumour (Jan 1997) that the Saturn version was complete but no one was willing to publish it was simply not true.

Will Silicon Knights do a sequel to Kain?

It is not clear at this time whether Silicon Knights will do a sequel to Kain.

Questions about the Plot (SPOILERS!)

Explaining Mortanius's motives.

Mortanius is in constant conflict against "The Unspoken" who is inside him. Mortanius' goal was to correct the imbalance he has caused by murdering Ariel, while under the Dark Entity's control. Kain was created to destroy the old circle so a new one could rise to replace it. As the game progresses, some of Mortanius's actions are his own, some are him being controlled.

When Vorador is about to be executed, why could he not simply transform into mist or fly away? It certainly worked with Malek! Also, how could the vampire hunter guild have penetrated the daunting fortress of his mansion and then capture him?

The vampire hunters have been capturing vampires for years. They have ways of restraining them, magically or otherwise. Keep in mind that this is a new present, and the (present) vampire hunters are very good at their jobs.

Is Malek of the Sarafan a member of the Circle of Nine?

Yes, he his. Originally "recruited" to protect the Circle, he came to embody the spirit of conflict, and became that pillar's "representative" in Nosgoth.

It was Mortanius who first silenced Ariel, then, was it not?

Yes. Under control of the Dark Entity.

Was it Mortanius's ultimate plan to directly or indirectly kill all the other members of the circle, leaving himself a virtual god?

No, this was part of the Dark Entity's plan. Mortanius wanted to correct the imbalance.

What exactly are Anarcrothe's special abilities as guardian of the pillar of states?

He's an alchemist who changes the form (states) of matter. Basically: Alchemy.

Is that the Soul Reaver I see Vorador wielding?

No. Vorador's sword is a hybrid, the hilt is from the Bone Sword (which never made it into the game) and the blade is a shorter version of the Soul Reaver's blade.

Is that the Soul Reaver William The Just is using against me?

Yes. If you've made it that far, you should be able to reason out how that is possible.

Is Kain the 10th pillar?

No, he's the 9th pillar, replacing Ariel's position as the Pillar of Ballance.