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Conversations In Nosgoth - Chapter Seven

Two men by a campfire near the first gate:

First Man:
I don't care who says this is the best time of year to find them. It's too cold, I tell ya.

Second Man:
Quit grumbling. I'm sure we'll find more tomorrow.

First Man:
Providing we don't freeze to death out here.

Two outlaws talking in a warehouse:

Male Outlaw:
Was there much to loot from that last convoy of caravans?

Female Outlaw:
Little of value. Stories of demons roaming the canyons have scared away most of the prize pickings.

A prisoner, later released by Kain, shouting at his jailer:

You'll pay for this!
I'll have you know I have friends in very high places.

A man who's locked himself in a cage with a Glyph Box:

I'm not coming out, they're everywhere! Those horrible beasts, they're killing everyone in sight!
Someone will come to rescue me. Someone will come!