The walled town of Steinchencröe
The walled town of Steinchencröe

Steinchencröe was a town Kain visited early in Blood Omen. It was located to the west of Nosgoth, between Nachtholm and Vasserbünde.

Kain avoided Steinchencröe during his mortal life; back then he "would not have graced the place with [his] presence". As a nobleman, the inhabitants with their "infamous aroma" were repulsive to him. However, as a vampire - and still not entirely comfortable with his undead existence - Kain's standards were lower. He no longer felt superior, claiming that his presence "merely added to the stench".[1]

The town was enclosed by tall castle-like walls with gates to the north and south. Notably, it contained the Big Horn brothel, and it was home to Irmok the Mad. The secret entrance to the Implode Spirit Forge [BO1] was in the Big Horn brothel.[2]


  1. [BO1] Kain: "The town of Steinchencröe bore with it the infamous aroma of its inhabitants. In life, I would not have graced the place with my presence. In death, I merely added to the stench."
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